Snow Removal & Ice Management Services in Pennsylvania (PA)

The Reliable Snow Removal Services in Pennsylvania (PA) From Industry Leader.

Slip and fall accidents are more likely to occur in the snow outside of a residence or business. Any accumulation in driveways or walkways can make it difficult to move vehicles, which can cause unnecessary delays. Therefore, you should clear the area around your property to make it safe for everyone.

In many cases, people may try to get rid of it themselves and fail. Though it may be removed from smaller areas, like a driveway or sidewalk, bigger areas provide a far greater challenge. Moreover, cleaning such areas alone could be risky because of the chances of accidents.

So, to get your driveway cleared of snow, it’s best to find a local snow removal company in Pennsylvania (PA) that specializes in doing so.

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Snow Removal and Ice Management In Pennsylvania

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Our team has extensive experience in snow removal. We handle everything, starting with salt pre-treatment, snow clearing, and finishing up with ice checks even days after storms if needed.

Our contractors have expertise in performing the pre-event surface treatment in the most efficient and fiscally responsible manner with an effective strategy. We use premium chemical solutions to provide desirable results.

In addition, our experts can restore your curbs to brand-new condition with excellent curb-to-curb clearing services. They are equipped with the right tools and skills to effectively power-wash your curbs and free them from stains, marks, mold, or dirt. So finally, you will get a clean and shiny curb ready to enhance the beauty of your property.

Our goal is to make your property as safe as possible, regardless of the weather conditions. You can rest assured that our team will come fully equipped with the best snow shoveling equipment and tools to keep your property clean and safe.

We are fully licensed and insured and follow all necessary safety precautions. We are dedicated to ensuring a smooth winter season without damaging any elements of your property.

Why PJG Service Industries?

  • Highly experienced and trained contractors.
  • Guaranteed quality work and customer satisfaction.
  • Free price quote before starting cleaning work.
  • Contract customization as per client’s need.
  • On-time completion of the job.

Reach out to us to learn more about our services today! Our team will pay attention to every detail and work hard to meet your highest expectations. Request a call back now!


1. What are snow removal services?

This involves the removal of snow after a snowfall so that people can travel easily and safely. Rather than consider doing this task by yourself, it’s always best to hire professionals to do this job!

2. How to hire snow removal professionals?

It’s best to search for these experts near your place. Choose the best among them. You can inquire about the services they offer and their cost. If you are living across Pennsylvania, you can reach out to PJG Service industries to hire a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals at a reasonable price.

3. What is curb to curb cleaning service?

This service includes power washing your curbs and making them free from stains, marks, mold, or dirt. If you wish to get a well-cleaned and shiny curb, you can contact us for our professional service.

4. Why do you need to shovel snow?

The build-up of snow outside your property can cause difficulty moving vehicles and may cause you to fall or get injured. Hence, it’s essential to look for professionals to get it removed or shoveled. It can ensure the safety of everyone.

4. How to shovel snow easily?

Though you can do it by yourself, you might end up hurting yourself while doing it. However, hiring professionals can make the shoveling process easy. Experts are well-equipped with the right skill sets, equipment, and tools that can make this process easy and safe.

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