What is Concrete Excavation Used For?

What is Concrete Excavation Used For?

There are times when a homeowner needs the services of excavation contractors in Philadelphia PA. When a situation arises requiring this to be done, you want to use the services of trusted professionals who provide expertise in the field provided by trained heavy equipment operators. Our professional team of contractors at PJG Maintenance provides all this and more.

Homeowners may decide to have another structure placed on their property, for example. Whether it is a garage, large storage shed, or other building, excavation is part of the process, especially if the designated area was previously used for a structure and there is a layer of concrete that needs to be removed before the new structure is installed.

Other reasons for concrete excavation include:

  • Repair (the concrete has become damaged (broken or cracked) and needs to be replaced).
  • Site Improvement
  • Renovations
  • Installation of utility lines
  • Demolition

Why Choosing Expert Concrete Excavators is Important

While it may seem like a straightforward procedure to excavate concrete, the process can face unexpected problems, such as the concrete containing mesh or rebar. This makes the procedure more complicated and requires experienced operators to use the appropriate equipment to remove both materials safely.

Another reason for choosing a reliable company is there may be required permits before any excavation takes place. Homeowners need to know they can rely on the contractor they hire to ensure all permits are in place before excavation work begins.

If there are any laws or regulations that the contractor needs to be aware of and adhere to, the homeowner must be able to rely on the chosen contractor to comply with any requirements by the city, county, or state.

What to Expect from PJG Property Maintenance

With our concrete excavation services, homeowners can rely on our company to provide an experienced team of specialists with access to the equipment necessary to do the job. Our specialist will access the area and discuss with the homeowner the next steps. The first step is to acquire any required permits.

Once our assessment is completed, we provide the homeowner with an estimated time for completion. Depending on why the concrete is being excavated will determine how long the job will take. Next, we will prepare a plan of action suited to your specific project and then begin to prep the area to be excavated.

Part of our excavation process is to break down large chunks once the concrete is removed. Each piece is broken down, so the removal of concrete debris is fast and efficient. At the end of the day, homeowners can expect our specialists to do exceptional work from start to finish. We care about the quality and services we provide.

Homeowners can rely on our highly skilled and experienced equipment operators to complete the project with attention given to every detail of the excavation procedure. When complete, homeowners can trust that the excavated area has been properly prepped, and prepared, and the foundation is secure and ready for the next step once the concrete is removed.

Contact Our Professional Contracting Team

When the time comes for excavating in Lancaster, PA, or any surrounding area, do not hesitate to call us for information about our services. Our company is ready to provide the solution to your concrete excavating project, and our contractors have a reputation for providing the quality to achieve successful excavation safely and efficiently.