Understanding Cutting, Pruning, and Stump Removal

Understanding Cutting, Pruning, and Stump Removal

Maintenance of the trees in your yard can be a complicated process. You might undertake these tasks yourself, but, ideally, you get assistance from a landscaping company that has experience with trees, shrubs, and other plants in your region. If you’re in Burlington County, NJ, or the surrounding areas, and want to know about the process of tree cutting, pruning, and stump removal, look no further.

The Reasons Behind Pruning Your Tree in Cinnaminson NJ

Consider why you want to prune your tree. This is a common type of tree maintenance, but there are different reasons for doing so at different times. You may have the goal to improve your tree’s health, get more fruit or flowers to grow on it, or adjust the size of your tree.

No matter why you’re doing so, there are right and wrong ways to go about this task. Since the type of pruning cuts and where they will be located on the branches is dependent on what you want to do, it’s in your best interest to set up an appointment with us for your tree removal in Cinnaminson, NJ.

Timing and Types of Tree Branch Cutting

While the best time to cut and prune trees is in late winter or early spring because this is when they’re dormant and will soon sprout new buds, this technically can be done at any time. Discuss this with an expert to determine the best timeline for what you’re after with your trees.

There are three main types of pruning cuts. The heading cut shortens a main branch to the point between its lateral branches and it serves as the last resort or something that’s only for certain circumstances. The removal cut is when you remove the whole branch at the base and open the tree’s crown. The reduction cut shortens a main branch back down to the junction with a lateral branch to guide future growth.

Pruning of Large Tree Branches

If you have small branches, they may be relatively easy to cut off with pruning shears on your own. However, it’s more of a detailed task to prune large branches.

The process that a tree care expert uses for this includes the following:

  • Shallowly cut the underside of the branch a little past the branch collar (where it connects to the trunk). This helps keep the bark from ripping off in the event the branch falls out before it’s cut off.
  • Next, they will cut the branch about two to four inches past the branch collar. They’ll leave behind a little stub at this point.
  • They’ll cut through the top of the branch where the underside cut is to meet the first cut. 

This has a higher risk of injury to the individual and tree, so leave it to the tree service professionals to take care of any large branches and NJ tree removal if you don’t have experience.

Stump Removal in New Jersey

Some tree stumps are easier to remove than others. Typically, you would pull out the whole stump and the root system and be done with it. This isn’t so simple if you have tree stumps that are close to your driveway or walkway.

Even though the way this is dealt with is different, you don’t want to leave the stump there to rot. You can hire someone to grind up the stump to below the level of the surroundings. Our team will use the appropriate equipment that does the job well. Afterward, we’ll get rid of the debris and leave the spot clean and safe.

Pruning and Tree Stump Removal from Professionals

You don’t want to conduct large tree branch cutting and stump removal as a do-it-yourself project. You’d do well to get assistance from New Jersey tree service professionals. Contact us at PJG Maintenance to request information and make an appointment.