Signs Your Home Needs Exterior Maintenance

Signs Your Home Needs Exterior Maintenance

Your home is your castle and even castles need exterior maintenance. While you may think the exterior of your home looks good, there are tell-tale signs that your yard could use a makeover in the form of expert hardscaping in Bucks County, PA, or landscape design in Montgomery County, PA. PJG Maintenance offers these services and more across Bucks and Montgomery Counties, PA.

Signs the Home’s Exterior Appearance is Not Up to Par

Taking a close look at the house from all sides provides a clear picture of what passersby and neighbors see when walking or driving by. Whether the exterior makes an impression or not depends on the layout and the look of the landscaping. This can also include hardscaping elements. Consider these signs and take steps to enhance your home’s exterior with help from the experts at PJG Maintenance.

There is Little to No Hardscaping

Whether your home has minimal or no hardscaping, adding select elements as enhancements can change the entire presence and attitude of the home. With our professional designs, we can make the exterior come alive. With select elements, the goal is to enrich the setting and provide added comfort and convenience for household members and guests. 

Examples of hardscaping elements include:

  • Firepits
  • Fountains
  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Stone patios
  • Lighting
  • Retaining walls
  • Water features

Existing Hardscaping Elements are Outdated

Over time, everything has an expiration date, and hardscaping elements are no exception. Whether the driveway or sidewalk has cracked, the walkway has become uneven, or a water feature is no longer functioning, our team can handle the problem.

Landscaping has No Pizzazz

All too often, landscaping is boring. This can be due to the homeowner not having the time to devote to creating an inviting outdoor atmosphere. With help from our design team, we can customize a plan that reflects your style and persona. We work with you from start to finish ensuring the plan we design is true to your vision.

There’s Little to No Landscape

Maybe you have moved into a new home with limited landscaping. Not to worry. Our goal is to help create a landscape that complements and adds curb appeal to the home. Our expert landscape contractors achieve this with selections of greenery and plants native to the area that will turn a mundane landscape into a visual palette of textures and colors. For additional visual effects, we also install lighting throughout the landscape to add sparkle that highlights the greenery.

The Landscaping is Overly Active

Yards with a lot of trees, shrubbery, and vines have advantages as they provide shade for patio and pool areas and can help keep the interior of the home cool in the summer. While creating your own green space is admirable, unless it is maintained periodically, it can become overgrown and appear unkempt.

We will also provide the maintenance the landscaping requires, which includes pruning the trees and shrubs, taking care of weed removal, and overall lawn care.

For homeowners with this type of situation, let our team maximize these assets to their fullest. We’ll transform the landscape into a fully designed front and backyard, add a cozy patio area, create a garden area, and blend the design with select hardscaping elements.

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